A Little Switch-A-Roo

I thought I knew what I wanted to do for my final photography assignment, but I guess I didn’t. I proposed my idea to my teacher and at first, it seemed that he liked my idea, but then that slowly changed. I knew I wanted to do something with food again (surprise surprise!) but I wasn’t sure what exactly. I thought that I could do more with what I had been doing for my earlier projects and just add more props or different lighting, but that wasn’t enough.

My teacher told me that I was already comfortable with shooting food (although I have really only done about 2 actual photoshoots with food) and therefore I needed to challenge myself. He suggested a few ideas to me, and I obliged by researching his recommended influences, but there just wasn’t anything there. I was not inspired or motivated to shoot the direction in which he saw my work heading.

I tried to shoot with some inspiration from colorful candy paintings, however, they all just came out rather flat. I wasn’t gonna use those! So I searched and searched all over the place, on the web, in magazines, on social media, wherever for inspiration. I found one photo that wasn’t anything special, but the gears finally started to move in the right direction.

I ended up asking my close friend to let me photograph him shoving food (mostly fast food and messy, sugary foods) down his mouth so I could get close-ups of the detail and grossness of the experience.

Here are some of the images that I took

I wanted to show the unhealthy habits that so many people are making these days. I wanted these pictures to bring awareness to the unhealthy eating epidemic – the overindulgence in the processed, cheap foods – especially across America. These horrible ingredients that people are putting in their bodies is getting overwhelmingly disturbing. I meant for these images to be a little uncomfortable and overdramatic to prove my point of overconsumption. So many just rely on cheap meals and snacks, but there are plenty of other ways to eat healthier options that wont break the bank, you just have to put in a little effort!


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