Camera Ready!

I had my first taste in making my own video for one of my photography classes recently. I was pretty nervous about the project in general because although I’m use to the camera, I’ve only ever shot still photos, not moving ones. Nevertheless, I don’t ever shy away from a challenge, I simply take it and make it my own.

Thinking of an idea for the video was the first obstacle. Of course, I wanted to be consistent with the food topic that I’ve been working with this past semester, but I had to figure out what makes food so intriguing to look at and eat. Then I thought about all those cute cooking videos that invade my Facebook feed every time I flip through it. They can get a bit annoying at times, but they’re so addicting to watch! Anyways, all that is shown in the video are the hands of the person being filmed and the actual ingredients of the recipe. Everything is laid out and put together on a nice little table or an aerial shot from the top of a bowl.

Bingo! I thought, I can do that! I always have ingredients for an easy batch of chocolate chip cookies that I can whip up!

With two Canon cameras, two lenses, a tripod, multiple black and white cards, natural light from my kitchen window, and the help of my boyfriend, I shot the video. A majority of the clips went smoothly, but some of them were a pain to capture, especially if the lighting in the window changed or the ingredients started melting.

Overall though, I’d say I was able to shoot a pretty decent video. There are definitely things I want to go back and edit; maybe the font type and the angles I imagine reshooting, but for the first attempt…not so bad!

Here are a few stills from the video…

Is it Tasty worthy video? Maybe I can submit one to Buzz feed pretty soon?


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