My Initial Thoughts

I’ve always been interested in art. No matter what it is, be it crafts, drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry making, whatever. It’s not always easy, most of the time I want to rip up and destroy what I’m making, but somehow I still come back to loving it. I love the feeling of creating something from nothing. The happiness and joy I get from knowing that with my own two hands I can somehow think up and build what I see brewing in my head. A lot of the time what occurs in my head doesn’t always end up exactly as I see it in front of me. Sometimes it needs a little more TLC, but a good majority of the time I can work through any problem and make my piece even better than the original.

Although I truly love to create a variety of different mediums, my favorite concentration I’d have to say is photography. I like being able to see subtleties that most people can’t; to emphasis details that otherwise may seem minute and insignificant. I like to show the world that there still is beauty in the little things as well as the bigger things. Specifically I like to mix up my work from spontaneous street photography, to more professional studio photography shooting props and food. So my range is pretty wide you could say!

In terms of how I go about my work, I’d have to say that it really depends on whatever I’m doing. Some pieces require more time and planning while others I feel I can do better work by being more spontaneous and loose; just make it up as I go. There is no one set method for art, which is why I really click so well with it. It’s also a little funny though, because I’m sometimes a bit of a perfectionist.  If I know I have to create something more realistic, I want to make it as close to the source of inspiration as possible. I will spend more time than I probably need to finish my work. Being this way is good and bad though. I pay very close attention to details and making sure that my work is the best it can be, but then again, I can be too attentive and anal about getting things so perfect.

In the end making art is a lifelong journey to figuring out not only how to create things, but also figuring out who I am as a person and an artist.


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